For Your Consideration: Controlling Immigration

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There’s a lot of talk that our immigration system is broken and that we need to grant amnesty and citizenship to those illegal immigrants that are here. Our immigration system is not broken, what we have is a clear disregard for the law. This disregard is the result of bureaucrats’ and elected officials looking to satisfy special interest groups, or enhance the position of their political Party. These institutions are not concerned with the harm that they are doing to stabilization of our culture, enabling it to become a melting pot.
What we see instead are factions that are pitted against one another, which is one hundred and eighty degrees from the course our Founders intended for us. The institutions that are pushing these counterproductive actions are being disingenuous, because they are failing to recognize the changes that occurred during the early part of the last century. That’s when the Federal government started programs that covered people that could not generate enough of an income to meet their basic needs. The number of programs have grown and expanded the coverage, and they are continuing to do so to this day. This is creating a burden on the Nation’s economic stability. The numbers are growing rapidly as a result of chain migration, the lottery system, and the inability to control the border crossing.
The first items that need to be addressed are chain migration, the lottery system, and establishing control of the border with a wall that has been paid for and in place. We don’t need to go through with what we did in the 60’s. Once the first two item are abolished, we can start to expel those that have broken our laws: such as: being expelled and reentering the country; individuals that are associated with drug gangs; people that are using other peoples SSI number; individuals that are caring guns that they do not have permits for; driving without a license; or any other crime that involves depriving a citizen of their rights. These offensives should give use a good start on getting rid of individuals that should not be in the country, and there will probably be other individuals that will leave of their own accord.
The individuals not expelled should not be allowed to vote in any election for a ten year period and should not be granted citizenship until they have applied for it and go through the same procedures that those who have come to our country legally have gone through. We will not remove their access to our safety net programs, but they should not be allowed to apply for citizenship as long as they are using any of the safety net programs. We need to send the message that we are looking for individuals that will contribute to our culture, not those that are looking for a hand out. We need to find ways of sending this message to our citizens that are on some of these programs.
We need to develop policies that send a message to most new comers that they will have to be able to function in much the same way as the immigrants had to function when they came here and safety nets were nonexistent. If we continue to do what we have been doing, we will have a multiplicity of problems that will destroy our Nation as we knew it. 
We should also pay more attention to the health of individuals that are coming into the country; we have managed to eliminate a number of diseases that are being reinserted into our environment.


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