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One can only hope that the mistakes that were made in this mass killing are not repeated the next time a situation like this takes place, where a horrific, homicidal act is committed by a deranged individual. The Douglas Stoneman High School has a student population of about 3,000. The school is located in a nice neighborhood, and most of the students did not create problems. The individual that was responsible for the mayhem had been expelled from the school, and had restrictions on him if he came back to the campus; the restrictions were a clear indication that he was considered to be a threat.  

The mass killings that took place on Valentine’s Day in a Broward county high school, in the state of Florida have given us the opportunity to revisit another tragedy to review all the mistakes.    

There are a lot of people that are patting themselves on their backs, but it’s for their reaction to a shooting. The problem is that they fell short on the proactive side of the equation, when they had more than enough information to prevent the act from ever occurring. The blame can be attributed to the school, the law enforcement agencies, and the media. The school did not pass the information in a manner that would have lead the law enforcement agencies to pay closer attention to the individual, but there was still enough information from other law enforcement agencies to warrant a closer look at this individual. The media is also responsible, because it gave this individual everything he wanted, and they also set the stage for the next copy-cat killer, which is really the biggest problem.

Let’s consider what the school could be doing, One proposal was that the government could create a program like the TSA; that concept should be discounted, we don’t need another government agency. It would be better for each school district to developed procedures, but they should continually monitor other districts to enhance their program.

They should also consider doing away with the gun free zone, but have a very restrictive requirements for individuals that have a conceal carry permit. These individuals could receive tax credits as a form of payment.

Law enforcement had more than enough information to question this individual’s right to be using firearms, and to confiscate the weapons that he was using This would have put him on notice that he was being observed, which may have been enough to consider any action he might take as being unwise.

The media has covered this shooting, almost exclusively, for two days, which gave this individual what he wanted, and will most likely encourage others to follow the copycat trend, as a matter of fact there was a girl that said she wanted to break the mold and be the first woman to carry out a mass killing at a school. Nice job media, you have made the individuals name public, and indirectly give encouragement to others that want to go out in a blaze of glory.

We are continually heating these institutions that are involved with these deranged killings say that they are going to correct this problem, but the facts are clear given the number of events, that they are no closer to resolving the problem then they were eighteen years ago. The answer is not to create another TSA for our schools, they do not have a very good record, and it would create another costly agency, with very little flexibility and no accountability. What we need is to make schools a gun zone that allows individuals that can pass very strict requirements that are only found in very highly qualified law enforcement personnel.

The schools should be responsible to the district that they are located in. Those individuals that are looking to take away our guns don’t want to see guns in the schools, because they know this course of action will go a long way in detouring school shooting.


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