For Your Consideration: Communism Ruling America

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The title of this article will more than likely be taken as a radical statement, but it’s hoped that by the end of this presentation, that readers will find some merit in the position being presented. The Communist Party has been a functioning in the United States since the early 1920’s, but it changed its tactics in the 1940’s; this move was made because they realized that they could not make any headway under the Communist banner.
Communist started to blend into all the other political parties and institutions in our culture, many of these institutions have names that imply that they are for the basic principles of our Constitution, but their action suggest otherwise. They take the oath that all the other officials take in their elected positions, but they have no intention of living up to the oath. They blend in with all the useful idiots, paraphrasing an early leader of the Communist Party. The tactics the Communist adopted make it difficult to pick them out of all the institutions that they have infiltrated.
The best approach to resolving this problem is to lump the useful idiots in with the Communist, which appears to leave us with a very small group of individuals. The individuals that need to receive our attention are as follows: individuals that are continually looking for any reason to grow government; individuals that pit one group against another; and do whatever they can to weaken the Bill of Rights. It’s evident that it will be hard to find an individual that reflects the basic principles that are the structure of our Constitution. The electorate will have to separate the most grievous offenders in hopes of eventually weeding out those that are impacting our Constitution negatively.
There are Bill of Rights positions that are high on the list to eradicate such as taking away an individual’s right to defend themselves, this is one of their prime objectives, and they frequently gloss over some of the rationality for owning a weapon. In the end their intent is to disarm the citizenry, making the population more venerable to a dictatorship. Another Right is the freedom of speech, and that is being attacked with the politically correct speech, it appears the only people to have the right to be offended are those Left Wing individuals. The point behind freedom of speech is to allow one to express a point of view that may be abusive. Religion is another subject that is being attacked, but it’s predominately Christians and Jews that are being targeted, this may be because these religions have had some influence in the drafting of our Constitution.
We have allowed government to expand to a point that it has become ineffectual and this is becoming more apparent with each passing year. The government is becoming less responsive to the problems that are facing our Nation, and it’s becoming harder to hold any individual or agency responsible for failing to address the problems we face.
We have a lot of work to do, but it’s not work that should be done by the Federal government, most of the work should be done at the state or local level where the individuals can be held responsible for their actions. This is where the question of term limit come into play, and most suggestions have some problems associated with them.
There may be an alternative approach that would resolve some of the shortcomings in the other proposals. The first time an official gets elected they need fifty-one percent of the vote, the second time they will need sixty percent of the vote, the third time they will need seventy percent of the vote.
A candidate that is consistently getting seventy percent of the vote should be able to remain in office as long as he/she can hold that support. There may be some minor adjustments to this, but this may be an approach that can give some positive result.


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