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We have a serious problem that has been in the making for the better part of two-hundred years, but we have an opportunity to correct a number of problems by calling for a Constitutional Convention under Article Five of the Constitution. The major thrust of the Convention is to give the states the sovereignty the Constitution intended for them. The Convention will not resolve all of our problems, but it can be a vehicle that will reduce the power and size of the federal government.
If you are an individual that is concerned about the growth of the federal government it would be instructive to look into the aims of the Constitutional Convention. You will find that it has a number of concerns that have appeared in these articles throughout the years. If you concur with the goals of the Convention it’s important that you sign the partition calling for states to join the movement for the Convention.
Hopefully you will not stop with signing the Partition, because it’s important to find out where our representatives stand on this position, before you cast your vote for the candidate. The Convention will accomplish at least two objectives, a reduction in the federal government, and bring accountability down to the local level, which means there is a higher probability for individual freedom.
As of February the patrician movement was six states short, and North Carolina is a state that has not signed on to the movement. Again, if you feel we need to do something to stop the centralization of our government, we need to know where our representatives stand on the Article Five position. The Governor cannot stop the state from participating, but it does require three-fourths of both state houses to seal the deal.  
There have been concerns about making radical changes to the Constitution, but the changes that are made will only cover Amendments after the Bill of Rights, and if there are only enough states to meet the requirement, it will limit the amount of changes, because all the states would have to be in full agreement, which is unlikely. There have been a number of times that the Supreme Court has made rulings that were not in line with the Basic Principles of the Constitution, one example can be found in the past ten years, but it’s very probable that there are many more, due to the system the Supreme Court’s uses of tying rulings to past rulings. The Convention would be a good vehicle to correct the damage that the Supreme Court done over the centuries.
There appears to be a number of other aspects to the Convention of States that could be used to get our government back to the original paradigm that our Founders intended. It would be beneficial to make yourself aware of the possibilities that exist with this vehicle.
After you have familiarized yourself with the potentials of this program, and you feel it’s something worth pursuing, you can sign the petition, but don’t stop there, remember we need to know where our representative’s stand on this issue. To sign up go to 


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