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There appears that there may be a lot of speculation about the significance of Lamb’s election, but are we missing the real picture due to the spin that is being employed? The Republican candidate Rick Saccone has received backing from President Trump, but Saccone did not start out looking for support from Trump, and campaign was not aggressive. It would be fair to say that the President’s backing did contribute to an increase in support.
There is a possibility that when the 18th district of southwestern Pennsylvania goes through its restructuring that both candidates may be eligible to run in the districts they are in. The other point that is important is the fact that both candidates are expressing a fair degree of embracing many of Trump’s programs. The problem is that Lamb is not in agreement with the position of the Progressive Democrat Party.
Due to this divergence between Lamb’s position and his Party’s position, it’s hard to believe that he will buck the Party’s position.
One thing is clear; the 18th district of southwestern Pennsylvania is backing the President’s programs. It’s going to be interesting to see how Lamb will vote if he is elected. Lamb is taking a position of an old time Democrat, but most of them have left the Party as a result of the Party’s shift to the Progressive Left.
The electorate will have to wait until he gets into office to find out where he really stands.
Lamb may be using the Trojan horse tactic, but the same could be said for some Republicans that also don’t want to see the President’s programs come to fruition. The electorate will have to pay close attention to a candidate’s past actions if they really want to put someone in office that is looking to back Trump.
The Progressive Left is trying to sell the fact that they are winning a lot of these special elections, that this is reflecting what will happen during the election, but the voting environment will be completely different. Voters looking to back the President need to realize this fact, and make sure they get out vote.
If the electorate is really looking to support the Basic Principles of the Constitution they will back the president’s programs. The Federal government was never intended to be as big as it is, or to exert as much control over the individual’s life. The power was suppose to rest with the individual, not with the state. If we were to free-up individual’s to function in our culture, there would be no limit to the advancements’ that our country would make. What we are doing now is holding us back, because we pass laws that protect certain groups. We really don’t have an open competitive economic system.
Our government lies to us when its suggests that it’s taking actions to protect the individual, when what it really wants is to exert more control over the individual, and grow its bureaucracy; think about this!


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