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The Establishment swamp dwellers have managed to put the President into a position that made him accept a bad Bill. There was a sizeable portion of the population that wanted him to veto the Bill that was presented to him, but there may be another side that needs to be taken into consideration; that revolved around the money that was earmarked for the military.
Let’s take a look at the negative aspects, of which there are many; his total debt for an eight year period was supposed to be about the same amount as this Bill is costing tor a six month period. The real bad news is that this Bill was designed to negate a lot of the actions that he was making headway on, and many of those steps will go past the six months that the Bill was designed to cover.
There is only one real positive point for the President’s programs and that’s the fact that he got what he needed for the military; this is important because of some of our dealings with nations that pose a threat to our Nation. These nations know that our military has fallen into disrepair as a result of actions that were taken by past administrations. The President’s concern was that failing to make the changes that are needed to backup the rhetoric he has been using would leave us in an untenable  position, and there was no sure way of getting the funds need in a short period of time.
The tendency is to blame Trump because he did not veto the Bill, but the truth is that he could not win regardless of which action he chose. The Establishment is what the electorate should be focusing their attention on.
The actions and programs that the President has espoused are still relevant, regardless of how one feels about the President, and if you believed in them before you should continue to work for them, and to reject those that made this Bill possible.
It should be clear that the Speaker of the House and the Senate are not to be trusted, they are still intent on holding their power, and the only way they can do that is to dismantle the programs that the President has been trying to initiate. It remains to be seen if Trump has learned his lesson related to the Speakers positions.
The electorate should stay on point, and one way of doing that is to work to remove any representative that voted for the Bill, regardless of Party affiliation, because they have shown themselves to be swamp dwellers. 
There may be a way of resolving a lot of our problems, and putting the power back into the hands of the individual, it would involve individuals’ making contributions to those areas that the Constitution says the government is responsible for such as the military, or immigration and control of our borders.
The way this would work is when a person’s tax bill comes in and it shows the person owes three thousand dollars, and if they donated two thousand to the military during that year they would only have to pay one thousand dollars.
If that same person had donated four thousand dollars they would have a tax credit of a thousand dollars, which would be carried over to the next year’s tax bill.
If we are funding the essentials through donations, and our representatives are still asking for more, we will have an opportunity to see how the system is being abused. The electorate needs to think outside the box, if we are ever going to eliminate the Establishments power.


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