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The articles that appear in this column have frequently referred to the Basic Principles of the Constitution. These Basic Principles are arrived at through an understanding of the concepts that are found in the Declaration of Independence,   Articles I through VII, and the Bill of Rights.
To come up with the correct paradigm for understanding the Basic Principles all the Basic Principles should be in sync, if the wording does not agree with a Basic Principle and, if the wording needs to be reviewed to find where the problem lies, in all probability if the Principle has worked with other statements, then fault will be in the interpretation of the wording in one of the three critical areas of the documents being reviewed.
When we apply all the Basic Principles to actions that are taken by our government we will be able to judge the validity of the action as it relates to our Constitution. This can be a useful tool to eliminate the Deep State participants. It should also be helpful in evaluating the representatives that are running tor a political office.    
The following is a brief summary of the Basic Principles: Most actions should rest in the hands of a responsible individual; if the individual cannot address a problem it will be moved to the lowest level of assistance needed to resolve the problem; government’s function related to the actions taken by individuals is to ensure that the actions do not infringe on another person’s rights; each state in the Union is a sovereign state, but their actions a restricted by the Basic Principles; political Parties are viewed as being counterproductive to the function of the Constitution, because they distract from the individual’s freedom, and tend to increase the power of the government, over that of the individual’s; the function of government is to address problems in a non-partisan manner. It should be clear that our Nation has drifted far from the intent of our Founders.
Our culture is rapidly becoming dysfunctional as a result of our political Parties, and the groups that they support. There are two groups of immigrants that are creating major problems for our culture; the first is the massive influx of Latinos; the second one is the radical Muslim religion, which is diametrically opposed to the Principles of our Constitute.
The Swamp continues to block the President’s programs, many of which are designed to move us closer to the intent of the Constitution. This blocking is continually creating fissures that are growing, and as a result will be more difficult to correct in the future. The Swamp needs to be cleaned out, and one can only hope this will happen soon.


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