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The public is continually told to say something if they see something, but we find out that this action frequently fails to accomplish the positive results that it was suppose to accomplish. We don’t know how often it works, because they don’t get the press acknowledgement, but the times that there are adequate warnings they are highlighted by the press
We need to review the approaches we are using to resolve the problems we are encountering with these shootings. One thing is apparent, the press cannot be trusted; it frequently comes out with speculation, presenting it as fact. Then it takes weeks for all the various agencies to get on the same page.
The government agencies responsible for following up on the information do a poor job of coordinating with other agencies. All these agencies work on profiles, but these profiles are seldom used to evaluate a potential actor; this may be due to the fact that many law level enforcement people that receive the initial information are not trained on how to apply the profile information.
The first reaction of our Congress is to pass a Bill, feeling that this action will resolve the problem, but in the end it’s just as ineffective as many of the past Bills. A Bill needs to be enforceable, and that frequently means more an increase in government employees and higher taxes, and still does nothing to resolve the problem.
We are not going to resolve this problem until the core of the problem is addressed.  The forms of weapons are not the problem. Just about anything can be used as a weapon, and there are more effective way of killing people that have nothing to do with the use of gums, and having a gun will not assure a reduction in the loss of life in all situation.
The problem is the lack of emotional control related to expressing ourselves when we are confronted with situations that we object to.
Our culture is devolving as a result of what we see every day on television, hear on the radio, or read in the papers. The message that is frequently being sent is that confrontation needs to be physical for it to be effective, and this position is being encouraged by the far Left and the far Right fringes. The days of expressing oneself verbally, without destroying private and public probity, is rapidly falling away.
There are verities of forces that are behind these actions that want to take down our Republic, which is unique to the world; the Basic Principles of our Constitution will help the individual to understand how our republic is different than any other republic.
We need to come down hard on people that cross the line on demonstrating. More attention should also be given to political officials that support and encourage these serious infractions, so they can be removed when their terms are up.
Our political leaders have allowed the Nation to devolve to a point that will require all those that wish to preserve the republic to make a strong effort to correct the direction that the nation is taking. We have seen what’s happening; now it’s time to say something --- NO, SHOUT IT.


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