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It would seem the government has gone amuck, and this condition is having a negative impact on our judicial system and culture. Our judicial system is doing things that appear to be out of bounds of the law. Recently President’s Trump’s personal lawyer had his records and computers seized from four different locations, and his phone confiscated. There was no mention of a warrant giving a specific reason for the action being taken. It’s reasonable to believe that at least ninety percent of the information would fall under the client lawyer privilege ruling, but these investigators would be going through everything.  Given the government’s past history it’s likely that information not related to what they may have said they were looking for would be leaked to the press, or some other unit of the Swamp.
The government has been crossing the lime for generations, but its actions have not received much attention until Trump came on the scène, at which point all the stops had to be pulled out because he represented a real threat to the Establishment. A person could get the impression that the silent majority is backing the President, and this could mean the end of the Establishment’s reign. The more things the President accomplishes, in spite of the opposition that he is getting from all quarters, the more favorable he is viewed.
It may be a stretch, but the fact that the Establishment is showing itself may be perceived as his major contribution to the Nation, and it’s just this fact that might get the Nation back on track to reflecting the positive points of our Constitution. A lot of Trump’s actions are in sync with the Constitution, and this is apparent if one pays attention to what he is saying and what he’s doing.
The President does not talk like a politician, but he tries to do what he says he wants to do, and he is constantly look for way to get around the blocks that are continually being placed in front of his programs.
The electorate should stop being concerned about what he feels he has to do to get his programs through, and judge him on what he’s accomplishing.
The Establishment has no other choice but to continue to show how far they will go to take Trump out, because its failure will lead to its demise, and if you happen to be a person that believes in our Constitution then you should welcome the fact that they will continue to show how they have maintained their power for generations.                   
 Trump will have to face the fact that he will be confronted by the Swamp for as long as he is serving as President, because it’s impossible to clean the Swamp in eight years, but he is off to a good start.
It would behoove the electorate to pay attention to Muller’s Special Council and how he is manipulating things and destroying lives in trying to take down the President, even going back to the President’s far flung past.
We also need to clean out the upper levels of our Security Agencies if we ever expect to have a government that follows the law, rather than an arm of some political Party.


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