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One cannot avoid the fact that most of our national media has an organized message presentation, and when that message is about the President, it’s always negative. If you are an individual that is getting most of your news, you would walk away with the impression that the President is not getting anything right. Given the fact that Trump is fighting headwinds form a number of institutions in our culture, it’s surprising that he is accomplishing as much as he is.
The truth is that there are no media outlets that are getting the message out, and that’s because none of them know how to read the President, but that is not unusual, because we have never had a President approach problems in the manner that Trump is approaching them.
To understand what Trump is doing, the reader should concentrate on his main objectives, not on what he is saying. Most of the media pay more attention to the wording that he uses, but that rhetoric is used to through a program into a negotiable category, and all of that can change in a split second.
Even when you think he is finished with a subject he will be continually working to fine tune the program in a variety of ways. What this means is that he will not let it be until the program is giving him the results he wants.
Our politicians have never functioned this way, all they want to do is pass a Bill that sounds good, and move on to work on something else.
The President knows what he is doing, and given the opposition he is getting from all quarters, he realizes that it’s going to take a lot of work to get the programs to function in a way that will give him the results he is looking for. The public will have wait for things to come to a conclusion, and that will toke some time.


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