Island Greenway Bike Path

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 25 February 2015 05:00

To All, Whom This Definitely Concerns:
The proposed Island Greenway Bike Path is down to two location options and importantly, two fencing options. Option East Side is cheaper.  It runs the path from Mike Chappell to Alabama on the east side of the retention pond behind Carolina Sands and the fence blocks access to the water. Option East Side goes to people’s houses on Alabama; a non-destination. Option West Side is more expensive as it requires special engineering around a drainage site.  However, Option West Side creates an attraction and asset for Carolina Beach.  With Option West Side, the path leads to  the pond.  It leads to a second walking lake,  to a fishing pond, to an oasis of nature for residents and visitors. It costs about 10% more but it offers so much more for the investment. And now fencing options.  Option Barbed Wire Fence: with examples on Croaker Lane and around Mike Chappell Park it seems obvious why this is a poor, if cheaper, choice.  Barbed Wire fencing communicates danger, fear, poverty, and ugliness. Option Ornamental Fence is sturdy, almost impossible to vandalize and blends seamlessly with the values of Carolina Beach: beauty, safety, tourist friendly, a true investment.  We are an island of families, reliant on tourism.  We are a safe, family friendly, nature oriented, beautiful island. The path was priced at aprox. $750,000 without the fence, which is a MOTSU requirement.  The fence will cost aprox. $160,000 - $300,000 depending on placement and type.  We are looking at  around $1,000,000  (One Million Dollars) for 1.2 miles of bike path.  This is a huge investment for a relatively short path from an existing park to the middle of a residential street. This is a CHOICE.  Choose wisely.
Dori Schoonmaker,
Carolina Beach, NC


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