Wasting Taxpayer Dollars

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 04 March 2015 05:00

Dear Editor,
To those taxpayers that still believe that your Council is not self serving  and putting themselves before you and our Towns employees please read on. I am a concerned long time resident, property owner, voter and taxpayer that does not believe that part time elected officials should be forcing taxpayers to pay for their Health and Dental Insurance, which includes our Council and has been the norm for many, many years at Carolina Beach when very few Towns and Cities in N.C. will not even allow elected officials to be on their Towns Insurance policy ,much less pay for it.
To make matters worse, your present Council has voted  themselves  a compromise that only allows these 5 to take cash in lieu of insurance of $434.50 per month per elected official that we are being forced to pay for folks that only serve Carolina Beach part-time is ridiculous. The fact that any other part-time employees are not given the same benefit is asinine and must be changed or we need to change the folks on Council.
As background, about 6 months before our 2014 election, I gave 5 public presentations similar in nature to our past Council concerning Health and Dental Insurance premiums being forced on taxpayers to pay for Insurance for Elected officials. I even went so far as to say, "Our voters would not elect or re-elect anyone wanting or taking this insurance.” That opinion turned out to be accurate as the candidates that won our past election ran and won on a platform that included eliminating Health and Dental Insurance for themselves which has not been done to date.
Your Mayor won his seat by only 5 votes. Unfortunately, after this present majority won, they changed their positions to continue to have taxpayers pay for Health and Dental Insurance for themselves. Council members should be paying for their own insurance in fairness to Carolina Beach taxpayers and full time employees, as they serve only part-time and should not be deserving of any benefit equal or "Superior" to those who work full time for Carolina Beach.
Your present Council needs to vote to eliminate their self-given compromise of insurance or a cash equivalent or vote to allow all Town employees including Staff to have the same benefit.
Good sense should dictate that 5 Part time elected officials should not have any benefit paid for by taxpayers than 100+full-time employees, but as it stands now they do.
This Inequality created by Council is nonsense and must be changed for the good of our Town taxpayers and it's 100+full time employees moral.
I, along with others, cannot understand any, and at Carolina Beach especially all Council members being so brazen as to think they should vote to serve themselves any benefit that is "Superior" to the benefits our full-time 40+ hour employees receive.
Any Personnel Manager will tell you this “Superiority” is not good practice and creates turmoil. Does our Council believe it makes employees work or feel better knowing Council serves only part-time and allows themselves an Insurance benefit “Superior” to all full-time employees? As fact Part time employees who work for C.B. are not allowed any Town paid insurance but part time elected officials are simply by a majority of themselves voting themselves any benefit they desire,unreasonable or not. Having part time elected officials self- pay for their Insurance would save our Towns taxpayers money to the tune of $434.50 per month per Council member and allow it to be spent in ways to better serve the Town. To create fairness and stop Councils nonsense on this issue, your Mayor needs to make a motion to have Council do away with his unfair to us compromise and have all 5 Council Members self-pay for their own insurance or do away with it. Should this not happen our next election will bring forth and elect candidates that will eliminate Councils compromise and Health and Dental Insurance benefits and give us a majority that will serve as true public servants. Then, we will have a Majority Council that will not be self-serving nor feeding at the public trough on high dollar benefits for themselves. 
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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