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Dear Editor,
Thank you for your February 25th Editorial “Bike Path Getting Expensive” and for correctly pointing out the folly of potentially spending a million dollars for 1.2 miles of bike path.  The “two” options both require expensive fencing on the Army’s Sunny Point land.  There is also another path planned along Cape Fear Blvd for half that cost, also with taxpayer’s grant money, but at least it has a destination.  This 1.2 mile path leads to nowhere except a dead-end on Alabama Ave. However, another option is NOT to build this path at all!  Surely there is greater benefit for those dollars that doesn’t include fences. I hope this will alert all residents of Carolina Beach and taxpayers of Pleasure Island to contact the Carolina Beach Council to oppose this spending for a “Million $ Bike Path”.
Judy F. Larrick
Kure Beach, NC


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