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By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 08 April 2015 04:00

Dear Mayor, Council,
In your upcoming Carolina Beach budget meetings for our 2015/2016 Budget the first two things you need to do is set a number one priority to fix things you have left undone of removing benefits for yourselves that only benefits 5 elected officials out of 6,000 residents of Carolina Beach from our budget. Your salary and car allowance that you set should be enough compensation for yourselves to serve as public servants part time. Those that feel other wise should resign and get themselves another part-time job and let 5 true public servants rule the roost. Health and Dental Insurance for elected officials (yourselves) should have been eliminated in our 2014/2015 Budget but due to a compromise it was not. Your Mayor has already mentioned in a public Council meeting of Council  members paying 50% and our Town paying 50% toward Council's Insurance for FY15/16. I guess this move if made will be to try to soothe the ruffled feathers of two members of Council who wanted the whole pie instead of a piece of it and many who want elected officials Health and Dental Insurance eliminated from our budget thus putting a stop to elected officials at C.B. feeding at our public trough.
My view of a move like this is Council never wants to completely eliminate this insurance so it will be around for those who follow them in office.   
Mr. Mayor and Council no taxpayer at Carolina Beach except yourselves should be paying anything for your insurance or a cash equivalent. Mr. Mayor please tell us the number of people that you know of that oppose Council eliminating Health and Dental Insurance for elected officials and I will show you politicians or family members of politicians and very few if any private citizens.
This issue will remain alive until Council eliminates this Insurance or self pay. Council's local car allowance of $250.00 per month that no one can/has even tried to justify to receive $3,000 per year on local Town business in our Town of only 1 mile wide x 3 miles long must also be changed. Some folks living in C.B. pay less than your outlandish car allowance for their car payment.                    
Your using our budget to pay anything for your insurance - or a cash equivalent instead of insurance - is a pure disgrace and does not satisfy myself and other taxpaying residents concerns when very few Towns or Cities in N.C. will allow elected officials - who purpose is to serve and not be served - to even be on their insurance policy.
Elected officials past and present should be ashamed of themselves for  taking part in feeding at the public's trough on Insurance and an absurd  car allowance and never voting to eliminated it.
Now is past time to do what's right by the other 5,995 of us and self-pay for your own insurance and adjust your car allowance to pay only for documented miles driven on Town business or resign your seat on Council and stop feeding at our public trough.
No one on this Council deserves or will be re-elected to serve themselves benefits from a seat on Council.
I would also suggest that if our elected officials ever again decide to go to a Town Hall Day boondoggle in Raleigh N.C. it be one person instead of a majority of (3) thus saving taxpayers 2/3 of the cost. At one of these past events in Raleigh N.C. 6 people sucked up a documented (paid for by C.B. taxpayers) $414.57 + an $80.00 tip for one meal, four were from C.B. and two from Wilmington serving in our Raleigh legislature. This is according to public records in Town Hall at Carolina Beach.
Our Raleigh legislators receive an expense account so why are they feeding at our public trough?
Tell me this ain't nonsense.
Another boondoggle that needs Councils attention is if any from Carolina Beach must go to Washington D.C. please allow only one member instead of 3 to bring back what went on and what he/she learned and present it to the other 4 members of Council and the public thus saving us another 2/3 of that cost. Some of us do not view boondoggles to Washington D.C. or Raleigh N.C. accomplishing anything of substance for our Town.
A few years back a boondoggle to Washington D.C. by an elected official showed the amount of mileage documented as driven in a rental car came to the miles from Washington D.C. to Atlantic City N.J. and back to Washington D.C.
This vehicle was rented in Washington D.C. and turned back in Washington D.C.
You do the math as to where this rental car went on it's lengthy trip and how much business other than monkey business was achieved on that boondoggle.
 Such nonsense is the reason I do not retire from procuring public records.
I may not achieve much sometimes but I do achieve something sometime, but to sit idly and say nothing will not achieve anything.
Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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