Why No Answers?

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 15 April 2015 04:00

Over and over and over we have asked the Coastal Resources Commission (CRC) Science Panel:  - Why FEMA LiDAR Flood Insurance mapping shows Sea Level falling in Dare Co.?  - Why DCM data shows more Coastal Accretion than Erosion?   -Is there another Temperature Record that clarifies artificially heated NOAA records?   -What do the US-Coast Survey tide gauge records from 1850's show? or,  -Do US-Coast Survey charts show extensive Tideland Inundation over 160 years,  therewith confirming the Panel's theories? If the Panel is so certain their theories are correct, why won’t they answer these simple questions? They view the EPA and UN as being infallible, and call backyard facts that doesn’t fit their theories - “irrelevant”.
We need factual explanations of real world observations more than unverified political theory of accelerated Sea Level Rise .
Bill Price


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