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Pleasure Island is well-named.  One gets tried of being away from the charm of a small Oceanside island; especially compared to busy South Florida.  We’ll miss the eight members of our immediate family down there but the excitement of opening up “The Shoppes” is electric.  Our 21st year!
 The Island Gazette and the Star News supplant The Miami Herald and the Sun Times with a big assist from The Wall Street Journal.  It’s local stuff but fun stuff.  However, the first letter we read was D. A. Lewis’ on the “no insurance’ broken record issue for town worker-volunteers.  They all work their tails off D.A. so stop the creaking perpetual masturbatory adolescence even if it’s pleasurable being colossally disruptive.  There’s a big difference between being borderline right & wrong, between pretty good and the best, between mediocrity and superiority. Our rules/ordinances are not without a modicum of fault but they are far from mediocrity; quite the contrary, they reward the hours our part time and full time leaders spend making your island better.
The proof that we’re doing lots of things correctly on Pleasure Island is evidenced by the absolutely fantastic new boardwalk area, bike path implementation, new sidewalks, upgraded Ft. Fisher housing, Kure Beach and Carolina Beach parks, dredging of Carolina Beach Inlet, new sewer pipes, the two dozen “signs” around the lake especially the “Walk of Fame”, a new beachfront hotel, new restaurants and maybe the Trolley plan although I just followed a black-smoke-spouting-Wave-bus polluting the air on Lake Park Blvd.
Let’s not bring in too many people on stinky buses who spend no money, swim and shower for free while they cart their empty food and beverage coolers off the island leaving their trash instead of paying for sustenance and parking.  Yes, thank God, there are exceptions.
 So Ann and I congratulate the Island Commissioners, Council Members, staffs and volunteers.  We’re also proud that Kimberly Munley, one of the 2009 Ft. Hood heroes, was awarded The Purple Heart and medical benefits. 
Her Dad is the families other Mayoral hero as was police officer Big Tom Connolly who had a knack of escorting “bad behavior” over the bridge advising them never to return……they never dared to return!
Let’s spend the tourist months supporting the Island towns, the businesses, the housing and rental opportunities which help our taxes and our future success.  Ann and I  started the season enjoying the Deck House, Gibby’s, Havana’s, Ida Thai’s, Jack Mackerel’s, Kate’s, Michael’s, Nikki’s, Olde Salty’s, Saint’s Cove, Shelby Jeans, Shuckin’ Shack, Two Cousins, Britt’s, Wake & Bake, Freddie’s, Gulfstream, Granny’s, Country Kitchen and the Old Pier House.  We look forward to eating at the rest of the Island offerings soon and will take pleasure being in line with Northern visitors thawing out in our sun.
Joe Coen, Carolina Beach business owner & Kure Beach resident


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