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By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 28 April 2015 04:00

If I heard correctly on the news yesterday our Fire Station rebuild has gone over budget by another hundred thousand dollars + again. This is being blamed on not having a project Manager and the initial budget proposal for this project only including the construction cost and did not include necessary cost for engineering the building. This stupidity has taken 5 years to come to light and being called a mistake.
Everybody but Town Hall knows that any project needs a proper project manager and construction costs and engineering needs to added to the cost of this building. Yet after 6 years we have just figured this out after spending another $166,850 to complete this job.
Some on Council are hoping we can take a lesson from this costly "mistake".
The lesson to be learned here to correct this costly "mistake" is to not reelect anyone presently sitting on this Council and put controls on what they are in charge of getting done. We have some serious questions needing answers here being passed off as "mistakes". It aint a mistake when the proper management is not put into projects and we are paying a Town Manager, his staff a Mayor and Council to see things go right.
In January why was this issue not brought to light when Council assigned the first requested extra hundred thousand dollars to this project? Some body or more than one somebody apparently does not know what they are doing and they are in charge of and spending our money.
Our Town Manager who along with our Mayor and Council are ultimately in charge of the Town and all of the money that is spent in C.B.
So one must now ask why did we not have a project Manager in charge of this project since it has been disclosed one was required or needed? That is the responsibility of a Town Manager,Mayor and Council who are supposed to be the overseers of our roost and our tax dollars. Mayor Wilcox,Council and Town Manager do you propose to appoint/hire/assign a project Manager to complete this job if this was indeed the problem?
To those that have not noticed yet the supposedly finished poor paving job on Clarendon Blvd is a mess with only 2" of asphalt being the normal depth for this street according to our Town Manager.
The foundation under the asphalt is supposed to be the determining factor for its asphalt thickness. What is under this asphalt less than 5 feet down is pure white beach sand. I for one do not believe it will last, but come ride this street and make your own assessment.
According to experts the life of 2" of asphalt is 7 years on bicycle paths where weight including riders is less than a few hundred pounds. Factor in heavy school buses, food trucks, heavy lumber and furniture trucks and cars traveling back and forth on 2" thick asphalt to our school daily and 2" thick asphalt ain't enough to last. Everybody in C.B. knows what sagging streets are as we have a Town full of such. When Cape Fear Blvd near Lake Park was broken up/torn up for the infrastructure project the thickness of asphalt that I observed taken up was closer to 5" than 2". Now back to the fiasco at the fire dept. At least we have excellent Firefighters and an excellent Fire Chief but no project Manager.
$266,850 over original cost for our Fire Dept. project is nonsense. That equates to a 22% increase over the 1.2 million dollars that was originally requested for this project and still no project Manager in charge after allocating $100,000 in January and going back to ask for $166.850 more in April.
We have had 3 Town Managers and 5 contractors since this project started but no project Manager for this project. Unbelievable? You betcha.
Do we now have adequate management looking after our Town. I believe not, but you be the judge when you vote in November? Will/can this happen with our new operations center and other high dollar expenditures in Town such as your precious fencing and paving through woods for an unneeded Greenway?
I believe it is time to stop progress until we assess management and surely before our Management gets us into any other 6 year high dollar projects such as bicycle paths. "So called Mistakes" costing taxpayers thousands of dollars ain't chump change but serious money to say the least. Sounds to me like we need some new eyes looking at and ruling our roost before we start receiving tax increases or go broke. Take your pick.
A Council majority must be changed come November 2015 but sooner if we could have a few resignations fly from our roost. Taxpayers at Carolina Beach have had enough nonsense concerning our money and will not reelect anyone ever again presently or having served on this Council.
Have good evening.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach


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