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By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 13 May 2015 04:00

 I have concerns on how our money is being spent and decisions made by your Mayor and Council and informing them does no good. As examples landscaping State right of ways and using our Budget each year to pay for elected officials Health and Dental Insurance while denying all other part time employees of C.B. the same. What will bring change is the ballot box in November when a majority of three on this Council will more than likely seek re-election and continue their feeding at the public's trough but deserve to be voted out. This crowd has power over you and your money to do what a majority of 3 of them want and you do not have the power to stop except at a ballot box. Way to much power to leave in the hands another 2 to 4+ years of this big spending poor decision making majority Council.
Please be informed that C.B. taxpayers are continually year after year being taxed twice to have a service performed that is a responsibility of the State of N.C. That expensive service being the upkeep of State property (right of way and other state property ) North of Snows Bridge, Lake Park Blvd. all through Town.
State right of ways are state property and responsibility and as you know a portion of each dollar that each and every vehicle owner that pays absurd N.C. State gasoline taxes goes into a fund for upkeep of roads, right of ways and bridges over all of the state of N.C. with the exception of C.B.
That brings us to the point of why has Councils of the past and present for years keep spending your local tax dollars doing what State road tax is supposed to do? This  don't make good sense to me to tax us twice for the same service.
This ain't being done at C.B. because your Council in charge of spending your tax money (present and past councils) have a weird need to take on state responsibility with your local tax dollars in addition to using our Budget as usual to feed at the public's trough on Health and Dental Insurance for themselves when very few Town and Cities in N.C. will allow elected officials to be on their Insurance policy. These two issues alone are absolute nonsense yet this continues year after year regardless of who we elect. Both will be an expense you will pay in your 2015/2016 upcoming Budget unless a majority of this Council comes to their senses and stops these asinine practices. No thanks should be given to this present Council and past Councils for forcing all property owners at Carolina Beach to continue to pay taxes to both C.B. and the State of N.C. to landscape the right of ways North of Snows Cut Bridge and other areas outside of our Town limits. C.B. tax dollars are being used to pick up trash in this area each day and wear and tear on our street sweeper the point that we needed a new one earlier than expected because some past majority Council deemed that we own (for upkeep only Snows Cut Bridge and its right of way plus all of Lake Park Blvd.) and now we continue to have every Council continuing in their footsteps funding the same things with your local tax dollars.
This has gone on for years simply because politicians do not care how or where they spend our money. This must stop.This crowd has a free ride on your money and can spend it any way a majority likes regardless of what you think. Your only recourse is the ballot box.This spending is complete nonsense and has cost C.B. taxpayers mega bucks over the years and is not sensible government.  Another issue concerning me is your Council did not sell all of our high dollar ex Pier Property but kept some to be used by the Central Business district for parking free of charge.
Please remind your Council that a past Council voted to do away with impact fees of $100.00 per parking space that they could not provide onsite thus causing you all of us to pay for more and more land for parking and doing away with a revenue source that all taxpayers are now being forced to assume thus when needs for more parking does not come from the CBD all taxpayers at C.B. have to pay to meet this discontinued revenue source. These fees need to be put back in place.
Enough for now but hopefully enough to open your eyes to conditions that have existed for years because of poor to stupid decisions made by your local elected officials (past and present) in charge of your money and Town.
You will not get even a wink and a nod from any member of this Council to change any part of these issues if you should demand, thus showing you the strangle hold that they have on you and your money.
To stop these messes tax payers should not even consider re-electing this majority Council as all have had a hand in the nonsense going on in your local government and none deserve another term in office to continue feeding at the public's trough.
D.A. Lewsis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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