Thank You Wonderful Volunteers

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 10 June 2015 04:00

Dear Wonderful Volunteers,
Thank you so much for your continued commitment to Carolina Beach Elementary School.
We really appreciate you investing your time and resources to our students. Our community members are so good to us and we are blessed to know you are so charitable and gracious.
Thank you to:
Wendy Vincent
Sally Deo
Jodi Essenberg
Melissa Medlin
Brad Bradley
Sandra Putnam
Monica Wilson
Krista and Anthony Harris
BB Burton
Ben Shepherd
Betty Sieminski
Bonnie Jackson
Christina Jones
Crystal Long
Deb McKenna
Elisabeth Wagenstein
Jasmine Miller
J’Nelle Ruscetti
Stacey Pinkham
Lou and Erin Sawyer
Chuck Gore
Kim Graf
Rita Meyer
April Agrillo
Jennifer Galloway
Teri Fisher
Amy Muxworthy
Susan Griffen
Leah Fiorentino
Jessica Bouch
Lydia Buchanan
Rema Ausband
Suzan Katko
Candy Phillips
Aimee Donaton
CB First Baptist Church
St Paul’s United Methodist Church
Molly and Dara Painter
Nourish NC
Island Women
Island Men
Barbara Harding
Margaret Duffrin
Jasmine McKee
Sharon Davies
Sylvia Jarrell
Jenny Malion
Shi Klem
Emelie Madel-Toner
Linda Ruscetti
Holly Chmiel
Barbara Swails
Megan Dittmar
Shawn Blackwelder
Kim Pulliam
Michael Craig
Laurie Eskew
Tina Piper
Carol Thies
Julia Autry
Nikole Silva
Marian Bradley
Jim Williams
Rachel Donley
Shannon Hanson
Ben and Amanda Strickland
Sandi Whaley
Richard Cannon
Inman Campbell
Kevin Murphy
Shawna Daniel
Jacqui Degan
Please know how much we care about your thoughtfulness.
Cindy Wartel
Carolina Beach School


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