Screw Ups In Our Town

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 24 June 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
Below are screw ups and messes that have happened in our Town that may be of interest to voters and taxpayers.
Yard waste having been allowed to accumulate beside streets for months (since March as told in an email to Council) in our residential area and the reason given was lack of manpower, consolidating departments and  "broken equipment".
Yard waste should never have been allowed to accumulate on residential streets and would not have had it been State right-of-way (ROW) property North of Snows Cut Bridge, and (Councils cash cow) Freeman Park. No trash has been allowed to accumulate from one day to the  next for years because Councils of the present and past mandated that a  truck be sent to the entrance of Snows Cut ROW every morning with manpower to pick up minor trash that may have accumulated overnight on this State owned ROW from Sea-Breeze road South (both sides of the road) including Snows Cut Bridge, yet your Town Manager claims with Council consent lack of manpower to be able to keep our residential area where 6,000 of us reside clear of yard waste without major backlogs for 4 months.
6,000 residential residents apparently have low to no priority with this Manger and Council. As you read this yard waste littering our Town may or not have been picked up after 4 months of us having to put up with this mess courtesy of your Mayor, Council and Town Manager.
Other nonsense: I nfrastructure projects significantly behind schedule because of" numerous excuses".
Why have fines not been levied against these construction company's for not meeting schedules they themselves have set? There have been extensions granted by your Manager and Council and no fines levied.
When digging on Clarendon many Charter and at&t cables were cut due to not following procedures.
State law 811 says that if this procedure is followed there is only a 1% chance of cutting underground cables. Clarendon Avenue residents experienced cable cuts by the dozens during digging.
Contrary to what state law says our Mayor and Manager state numerous cut cables will happen when digging. 
One cut cable on Clarendon resulted in a Senior Citizen being without Telephone, Cable TV and Internet for 3 days caused by a careless truck driver moving a truck before lowering a dump bed.
On 5th street "Cape Fear to Atlanta Ave "infrastructure project started and then stopped before paving any part of this street. 
Converting the police training room to office space that is now to be reconverted after an unsuitable building is finished on unsuitable property. This is another million + dollar blunder in the making.
Fire station upgrade allowed to go over budget by over $200,000 dollars.   After 6 years the excuse was"we had no project Manager".
Our Fire Chief and his employees were not to blame. Present and past Councils were.
Surely no one condoning the messes that are/have happened under the leadership of this Council will not vote to continue to allow this crowd to stay in office for another term.
November have the power to vote a majority of this crowd out. We can do better.
As  information, it has not been publicized that your Council in the last few minutes of their June 9th meeting adopted a  budget that allows them to keep feeding at the public's trough with the same 80% we pay and 20% they pay for their Health and Dental Insurance again with a stipulation that they can elect cash instead of insurance. 
That cost to us is approx..$500.00 per member per month. Our Mayor and Council again serving themselves expensive benefits are a prime example of elected officials desire to feed  at our public trough "big time".
Last year when 80% we pay 20% they pay was enacted there was talk by Council of a reduction to 50% Council pay and 50% we pay in our 2015/16 budget.
As fact "very few Towns and Cities in N.C will allow elected officials to participate in their Towns Insurance policy".
Wrightsville and Kure beach are two near by Towns that do not pay for elected officials Insurance. Why should you and I be forced to pay for insurance  for this Council that  contains an absurd stipulation they are allowed cash in lieu of insurance, a benefit that no person in C.B. Town employment is allowed to receive?
C.B.elected officials past and present have proven to us that this expensive nonsense will not stop with them so our option is to  remove a majority of this crowd in our November  election and elect true public servants whose service will not include feeding at our public's trough for benefits for themselves.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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