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Dear Editor:
I disagree with your Editorial in the Island Gazette on July 8 that there is no major controversy in the election in November because I consider offshore drilling and the potential for disaster on our coast a serious and major problem.
The Star-News article on July 7 regarding filings for elected officials for the November election, quoted Dean Lambeth, Mayor of Kure Beach, regarding his position on offshore oil drilling “I really don’t see what the problem is.”  The article also stated “he argues no scientific evidence proves seismic testing hurts wildlife.”   “All this stuff is propagated on lies,” he said.  Really??
Is Mayor Lambeth so uninformed or has he just chosen to ignore the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf and the harmful effects of that spill on wildlife and the economic devastation to the residents and tourism?  As demonstrated, again, by the May 2015 Santa Barbara oil spill, all activities related to offshore drilling pose serious threats to our coastline.  This sounds like huge problems to me.
Regarding his statement there is no scientific evidence proving seismic testing hurts wildlife, he also is ignoring the US Government, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s own research and estimates that over 138,000 marine mammals, including dolphins and whales, will be killed or injured and fish populations would be harmed. We cannot afford to take these chances with our healthy ocean ecosystems for fishing, tourism and recreation activities.  Most important, we cannot ignore the potential for disaster to our coast by just saying this “stuff is propagated on lies”.  
The upcoming November election is the time to use your voice and your vote, to elect local officials who support protecting our fragile coastline, our quality of life and “DON’T DRILL NC”.  Fortunately, in Kure Beach, we will have that choice for Mayor in Emilie Swearingen.
Judy Larrick
Kure Beach, NC


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