Cars, Trucks Blocking Sidewalks

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 12 August 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
In reference to your Editorial: VIP of the week, this has been happening in this area for quite sometime. Not only trucks but also cars parking and blocking sidewalks.
Try rolling a wheelchair on the sidewalk only to find the sidewalk halfway up the block. The only way around the vehicle is to back up and go back to the next block crosswalk because the street curbing keeps you from going over and around the vehicle into the street. ( I tried this and almost turned over.) this has been a pet peeve of mine for sometime now.
Also the shrubbery needs to be trimmed along the sidewalk so people can walk or ride a wheelchair without running into the bushes.
For example, in front of the Mexican restaurant and the yucca plant in the back of McDonalds. You have to go out into the street to keep from getting stuck with thorns.
Not an easy chore and very dangerous for a wheelchair or pushing a baby stroller.
Thank you for bringing this matter to the public's attention as this has needed to be addressed for a long time.
Doris Whitley,
Carolina Beach, NC


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