Spending Like Crazy

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 02 September 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
It is only 3 months before an election that in all probability will remove both Carolina Beach Council incumbents and the Mayor from office and hopefully put a stop to out of control spending and elected officials feeding at the publics trough on self given Health and Dental Insurance for themselves or a cash equivalent in lieu of insurance. No person on the Towns payroll including staff is allowed by our present Council to have this cash equivalent instead of insurance.This is greed by Council big time.
Your Council has been and is spending like crazy and putting the Town in more and more debt.
A good example of out of control spending and debt follows: It makes little sense to put all wiring under ground on the boardwalk making the boardwalk your #1 priority and leaving the rest of Carolina Beach with overhead wiring. Wiring on our boardwalk has been overhead since our existence as a Town and will serve us in the future. It makes no sense to even think about buying land for anything before land is bought for a waste transfer station and it is moved. It is not necessary to buy more and more expensive heavy equipment that is unnecessary when we do not have a place to park what we have and our leaders are buying more and more equipment including pickup trucks with expensive lifts on the back. 
Hello: Manager Cramer, and Council lifts on the back of more than couple new pickup trucks is a waste.We have enough heavy equipment on hand at Carolina Beach to start a construction company yet we are constantly outsourcing work.
In house work is almost unheard of at Carolina Beach. Another biggie in decision making, it is unnecessary for Carolina Beach to hire a high priced lawyer as was reported in a letter writer to the Gazette to present a case for extending our boardwalk another 800 feet that we do not need. This issue has stirred up residents in the proposed 800 ft.to the point that they in all probability will have to seek legal council to stop progress they nor the Town needs when the boardwalk we have now is more than sufficient. One major hurricane can wipe out all that Council or anybody puts on the Ocean front. I smell a lawsuit that the Town will lose if they proceed concerning this issue. Progress is not progress if it gets us in massive debt or in all probability may lead to a property tax increase that if frugal spending had been used tax increases could be prevented.
8 candidates seeking 2 seats on Council tells anyone with even half good sense that things are not as lovely as is portrayed and that any incumbent being reelected to Council is in doubt. Our voters are going to clean house of nonsense spending and poor decision making.
Your Mayor winning his seat by only 7 votes last election against his current opposition tells any thinking person that the Mayors seat is in jeopardy of being vacated. Necessities like land for a waste transfer station that Council agrees at most every meeting needs to be moved to a proper/different location has continually taken a back seat to unneeded out of control spending on unnecessary items/issues and is accumulating more and more clutter.
 Makes one wonder how Council would react if our present waste transfer station were close enough to their homes for them to see and smell. Does anyone besides me smell an upcoming lawsuit on this issue that Council will lose?
No judge in their right mind would rule in the Towns favor on this issue.
This Councils spending and decision making leaves much to be desired. Carolina Beach needs a complete new Council including a new Mayor but we are allowed to elect only 3 of the 5 as two of this Council after November's election will still be in office to serve another two years of high dollar spending and feeding at the publics trough.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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