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By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 09 September 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
I decided to write this letter regarding our wonderful Town of Carolina Beach because all I read, every week in the Island Gazette are complaints after complaints and very seldom does the Town ever read that they are doing a fantastic job. Well, here you go Town of Carolina Beach.
Yes, our Island has changed and thank heavens for the better and it will continue to improve over the next few years. Remember folks, "Rome wasn't built in a day". When little has been done on our infrastructure over the years, it wears out, just like we humans wear out.
I had a friend that flew in for a visit and on her flight she sat beside a gentleman from Wilmington, NC. She told him she was going to live in Carolina Beach and he said how wonderful Carolina Beach is now. His family and friends used to go to Wrightsville Beach but are now coming to our Town because how much it had changed and how beautiful it is today compared to just a few years ago.
Our past council worked hard along with Planning staff to get the grant and funds from our County for the new Boardwalk which did not consist of JUST filling out paper work and mailing it in.
There were numerous meetings where the Town Representatives had to present their ideas and then they had to be voted on by members of different committees. It took months of preparations and hours of our elected officials' time to be granted the funds.
I would like to personally thank Michael Cramer who is doing a superior job. Michael was hired a few months before the new council was elected, which in itself could not have been an easy task nor were all the projects that were in the works, including the boardwalk as well as the infrastructure project. After a month and a couple of council meetings, I would have packed my bags and left. He has hung in there with a great attitude.
ALL of the Town Staff should be commended for their efforts to keep our Town clean from the Boardwalk to Dow Rd. We had a few growing pains but thanks to Brian Stanberry, and his crew, the Town looks debris free. There is a gentleman that has been working at the Boardwalk for the past two years picking up trash and cigarette butts (not blowing the trash) but actually picking it up. There is no comparison in the cleanliness of the Boardwalk today compared to 3 years ago.
Gil Dubois has also been an asset to the Town. A lot of headaches coming into the job and he seems to be taking it head-on and I am sure with plenty of criticism from the public but the work has to be done and done correctly.
I would also like to thank the past Town Council for the difficult decisions they had to make to bring these wonderful improvements to our Town. I would also like to thank the present Council for their work. It is not easy making decisions when a Town is going through so many improvements. The only thing I will say to the Council members who are running, please DO NOT let decisions you make, regarding the Town from now until November, be based on anything but the good of the Town.
Fred Grady,
Carolina Beach, NC


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