It looked great flying over!

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 16 September 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to some of the opinions other citizens had of the helicopter flights last weekend.
I have to say that every time it flew over my house on Ocean View Ave., I did have to stop whatever I was doing outside to look up at it. This saved me from running outside to watch it fly over like I usually do every time a helicopter fly's over. Especially the big Coast Guard choppers without mufflers.
We all live here on an island. An idyllic island paradise if you will. But, I feel that at sometime, it was with an innate child's awe of life that brought us each and everyone here. As far as PTSD, are these folks affected by this when a tractor trailer suddenly surges forward at stoplights beside them. I can't image being adversely affected by this event which only lasted hours and it was gone.
Of course, this opinion comes from a man who regularly pulls a  life sized wooden monkey named Lem Woods around behind him with a bicycle. So, do I still look at life through a child's eyes? Absolutely! I wish some of you would let me show you how to do that. It is so much fun enjoying every second of your life. But, as to future helicopter flights, please give them my house address and put me on the flight path. It looked great flying over!! I have never been on a helicopter. Some day this old man-child will do that also, and maybe take Lem Woods up as well.
Tony L. Phillips
Carolina Beach, NC


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