Paving Streets Should Be Priority

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 30 September 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
In less than two months we will elect a new Mayor and two new Councilmen. These folks whoever  they may be cannot do much more damage than our present Council in the way of poor decision making and outrageous unprioritized wasteful spending.
To those running for Council, should you be elected, tax payers do not support spending thousands of dollars patching streets that won't last as a substitute for proven traditional paving. If patching was anymore than an ugly expensive experiment and would last you would have already seen it in use in additional Towns and cities all over the U.S. Your Council would rather spend paving money putting bike paths through the woods and in front of homes than on our roads. The present administration has this issue backwards as street paving should come before paving paths in the woods.  
Mayor, Council and Town Manager your approving patching streets costing thousands of dollars as a fix instead of paving is a function of nonsense thought up by those that are not wanting to use money to pave streets and are using patching as a substitute to appease those of us who put good streets as a high priority for C.B. This procedure is wasting money and will come back to haunt a new Council.
Town Manager and Council, in time potholes appearing from patched areas will prove you wrong on patched streets as being a substantial substitute for paving.  
Our Mayor and Council should be doing what elected officials are supposed to do with our money and their decision making, that being what our taxpayers want done and not on what they and their cronies want.    
A good example, the hearing for an additional 800 ft. to our boardwalk that elected officials and their cronies want will come after our November election and will be a major factor in a lawsuit if approved. If this hearing were to be held before our next election this would be the downfall of any incumbent in being reelected.
Apparently no one on our Council knows the definition of frugal taking in consideration all the money that has been spent by our present Council in the past year on things elected officials want for us that would never be bought/built if it were left up to us such as extensions of our boardwalk either North or South. We have enough boardwalk to be vandalized but not enough good streets.
Speaking of things if they were left up to us to do Council would not have and undocumented car allowance of $250.00 per month per person  and we would not be paying 80% or any amount  for the cost of their insurance or a cash equivalent as a substitute for insurance that amounts to $480.00 per month per person while we struggle to pay our own and our families. Council is too greedy and too smart to leave their benefits up to taxpayers to determine their benefits. If Council's benefits were left up to us to determine would any of you give this crowd what they are forcing us to pay each and every month for insurance and car allowances? I think not.
Examples of unnecessary spending placed on a higher priority than our street paving.      Headlines Aug.19 Island Gazette (#1) Install underground utilities on our boardwalk in preparation for the new Hilton Inn and this "fall get the rest of the stuff on the boardwalk underground" according to our public works director. This should be a no priority item costing upward of $750,000.00 and will benefit only a small portion of our Town.    
#2 - 1710 Carolina Beach Ave. North - Build a Mini Park. This was and still is useless land that a past Council with Dan Wilcox as a Councilman and Joel Macon as Mayor voted to buy and wasted $200,000 for unbuildable property and is another example of elected officials wasteful spending. Anything  built on this property due to its low elevation and close proximity to the ocean will be washed away during the next major Hurricane.     
#3- One way streets on North End. This deal was first proposed in 2003 so there is no rush to proceed on this no priority issue at the present time? 
None of the above items listed should take preference to high priority street paving.
Time for true and open leadership at C.B., past time to put big spenders and feeding at the publics trough out of business. We can and will elect better.   
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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