Priorities Before Extension

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 14 October 2015 04:00

Dear Editor,
Why would a Council majority select a path of extending our boardwalk another 800 feet which we do not need  and at a time when 3 Councils seats are in doubt."? The word in the press and on the street is information that has been requested is not being given out concerning this boardwalk and a special Attorney is being used to draw up a presentation to present to the CRC concerning this extension. If this boardwalk plan is not proceeding in the open and is being done in secret Have you all lost your minds? I would appreciate the names of all on this Council that is supporting this extended boardwalk plan? Council does not have a dog in fight to extend this boardwalk but the residents that will live West of this boardwalk if built will and other residents and taxpayers that do not want it built also.
There is no available land to put businesses beyond our present boardwalk so no boardwalk business owners have a dog in this fight either. So that leaves the fight is between those that do not want and unneeded extended boardwalk and Council who would be using our money for this unwanted extension. Those that live behind the proposed extension certainly have valid reasons to try and stop this boardwalk and residents where ever they live at C.B. whose money is at stake also do. To build this extension is more than a dumb decision, it is greed by those supporting this effort to possess what we do not need. Our present boardwalk is enough boardwalk for C.B. and all who come here and more pressing things need to be done with our money such as moving our waste transfer station and paving our streets.
Please tell me who besides Council members that should not have a stake in our boardwalk wants to spend our money on this nonsense when we have necessities that have not been taken care of such as paving our streets and unknown at this time infrastructure that has been under ground and unseen for better than 50 years and if digging needs to occur will in all probability need to be replaced. We have major street flooding most every time the moon is full. Carolina Beach Ave. and Canal Drive more resemble washboards than paved streets. There are needs that have been neglected and show up every time a shovel is put into the ground lately yet your Council has a desire to pave through woods on a Greenway that leads to no where and that does not need paving and extend a boardwalk that does not need extending.
Does anyone in C.B. government including our Council and Manager know what first things first and prioritizing is? Prioritizing: Designate or treat (something) as more important than other things. Hopefully our up coming election will bring us a majority of elected officials that know the meaning of first things first and govern like we do not have money for Council frills and wants to put before necessities.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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