Beach Nourishment For The North End

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 25 November 2015 05:00

Dear Editor,
Explain to if you can, or if anyone can, the schedule for the beach nourishment project that is due to start momentarily.  I live at the north end of Carolina Beach Ave N.  
We have absolutely no beach what so ever, and haven’t had any since the storms came through when we had the 23 inches of rain in 20 days.  The ocean was so powerful, it took out every set of steps to the beach for blocks,  Back in June of 2015, weeks were spent digging and adding to the large rocks in place, in an attempt to help with the erosion issues already at hand.  Now that the sand is totally gone, over ½ of the large rocks have also disappeared.  I personally think we need to be considered high priority.  
Each high tide, storm, or windy day more and more of the rocks disappear. Each wave splashes up and over the remaining rocks, eroding the small sea oats area.  The condominium project I reside in is less than 250 feet from the ocean.  If we have to wait till springtime before they move the nourishment to the north end of Carolina Beach, it will be too late.  Not only will there be no beach, as the case is now, but there are several buildings at risk of being destroyed by the ocean if something isn’t done sooner. WHO DO WE GO TO GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF?  Time is of the essence, and there are several homes and people’s lives at stake here.
Betsy Krumbholz
Carolina Beach, NC
Editor's Note: The schedule for renourishment projects is set by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The beach near your condo historically becomes heavily eroded at times. The rocks have prevented destruction of homes for many decades and in some much worse weather conditions.


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