151st Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 20 January 2016 05:00

Dear Editor,
I was dismayed, and assume that native North Carolinians were insulted, to learn that the “theme” of the Fort Fisher 2nd battle anniversary this month “will focus on telling stories of those Union individuals awarded the (Northern) Medal of Honor for their actions at Fort Fisher.”
North Carolina reluctantly seceded from the federal government because the Lincoln administration demanded its citizens join his cause to militarily assault their neighboring States. The governor and his officials refused and, thus, considered attackers from the North to be enemies.
Many brave North Carolina soldiers died defending their homeland against these enemies sent to kill them, burn their homes, steal their property and destroy their livelihoods. Contrary to popular Yankee myth most of them weren’t defending slavery. In fact, slaves suffered much from Lincoln’s military invasion. He had no use for them except as political pawns.
History has been written by the victors and supporters of that unnecessary and vicious war against the Southern States. On North Carolina soil stories should be told of the bravery of its sons, not their enemies.
Local independent historians and groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Daughters of the Confederacy are the people who can, and should, tell that history.  The best source of the North Carolinian perspective during the War Between the States is: www.ncwbts150.com
Unfortunately, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources has pushed aside their history to promote tales from the Northern bias demanded by anti-Confederate hate-groups.
In my opinion, people in control of that department have shamefully subverted the complete history of North Carolina. Their “theme” insults descendents and  their ancestors who lived through that terrible time during the 1860s—and after.
R. E. Smith Jr.
Wilmington, N. C.


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