Response To Letter On Fort Fisher 151st Anniversary Event

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Dear Editor,
In the January 20th edition of your newspaper, a letter appeared under the heading, “151st Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher” The writer of the letter took significant exception to one of the activities that was scheduled to take place as part of the events comprising the anniversary of the second battle for Fort Fisher. In particular, the writer, by clear inference, called into question the motives and professionalism of the staff at the Fort. I take considerable exception to the tone and content of the aforementioned letter.
I have been a volunteer at the Fort for over five years. During that time, I have had the pleasure to observe the dedication of the entire staff in presenting a balanced and fully factual picture of the events surrounding the construction, manning and defense of the Fort. Display cases have depicted the exploits of the men and women who played a roll in the defense of the Cape Fear district. Certainly no effort has been made, during my sojourn at the Fort, to eulogize one side in the battle to the detriment of the other. The roll of the staff is to tell the story of what happened on Confederate (Federal) Point during the span of years encompassing the Civil War.  To this observer, and the approximately 600,000 visitors each year, the staff has succeeded in this effort.
One can certainly debate the causes of the Civil War, and argue endlessly over whether any one state seceded for one reason or another. In fact, those types of discussions often take place at Fort Fisher between staff and visitors. This letter, however, does not allow for a discussion of that nature. What I do hope this letter accomplishes, is to rectify any implication that the staff at Fort Fisher, or their supervisors in Raleigh, in any way perpetrated an offense by displaying, in one display case, articles relating to the awards earned by soldiers of the Union Army during the battle for Fort Fisher. To believe that they did is completely misguided in any context.
James Miller


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