Girl Scouts Write "I have a dream..." Speeches

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Dear Editor,
Girl Scout Cadette's in Troop 867 celebrated Black History Month by watching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech.  They then wrote their own speeches, sharing their vision for our world.  Below are their "I have a Dream" speeches.  It's pretty uplifting to think that 6th graders, our leaders and citizens of tomorrow, have a vision for our world…it gives me hope that we can make the world better.
Nan Toppin

Noelle Davies wrote:
I have a dream that one day the world will exist in peace.  I have a dream that no one will argue or be at war with one another.  
Everyone will cooperate with each other and there will be no suffering.  I have a dream that there will be no soldiers being killed, no war, nothing of violence.  I have a dream that everyone will be kind to each other and there will be no bullying.  Instead of lots of people being selfish, I have a dream that people will be selfless.  Instead of people using their money to buy unnecessary things, that money will be donated to those who can't afford the things necessary to live.  I have a dream that we will live in a world of peace and kindness.
--Noelle Davies
Girl Scout Cadette
6th grader-Murray Middle School

Ava Toppin wrote:
I have a dream that one day there will be world peace and the end of world hunger will be amongst us.  We will begin to care for others and respect one another.  As good people, we can't be satisfied with war and suffering.  
We are all equal, so why can't we agree that everyone should have what they need?  I have a dream today, that one day we will not let money define us. 
I have a dream that we will not solve our disagreements through fighting but rather through compromise.  One day we will learn that it's better to give than to take. We will not care about who is rich or poor but will instead just say that everyone is  as good as me.  People suffer from hunger today and not being able to take care of themselves, but one day that will change.  We will look after each other and give people what they need.  One day it won't matter who has the most money. 
I have a dream that caring and compromising will be the answer to our problems.  For we are all united…we are one nation, one world…one equal world.  We were made to treat each and every person as if they are our own flesh and blood.  One day everyone will share what they possess, everyone will live in a home, have clothes and good food.  For one day we will agree to help each other.  We will see that we don't need to fight…we need to agree and help.  Thank you!
--Ava Toppin
Girl Scout Cadette
6th Grader-Murray Middle School


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