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Dear Editor,
By the time this is printed the Primary Elections will be about over. As hard as many fought, I am not sure we have stopped the Bond from passing. In fact a recent Civitas Poll indicates it is expected to pass. Millions were spend getting this bond to be passed. The question that should be in many people's minds is where did the Millions come from? Fortunately the group NC Connects had to file election papers with the State Board of Elections revealing the source of their funding.  What I am about to quote can be found by going to the NC State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Reports. Look for the report from the Connect NC Committee. There is something wrong when Public Institutions can spend taxpayer money to help pass a bond issue from which they will directly benefit. Believe it or not our 4 year Public Institutions spend tens of thousands of dollars to help pass this bond. Each Community College spent four figures in support o the bond. The Complete list is on the sight mentioned above. A few were clever and arranged for the bulk of the funds to come from their foundations. A sampling is:
• Alamance Community College $6,150.                                                                      
• Appalachian State $70,000.
• Ashville- Buncombe Community College $5,000.
• Beaufort Community College $3,100.
• Bladen Community College $6,000.
• Brunswick Community College $1,000.
• Cape Fear Community College $6,000.
• Central Carolina Community College Foundation $5,000.
• College of the Albemarle Foundation $9,600.
• Craven Community College $5,365.
• East Carolina University $90,000.
• Halifax Community College Foundation $3,500.
• Halifax Community College $3,000.
• Lenoir Community College $8,000.
• NC AT&T State  Foundation $90,000.
• NC State $160,000.
• NC Community College Foundation $40,000.
• Pitt Community College  Foundation $13,000.
• Roanoke- Chowan Community College Foundation $3,150.
• UNC - Pembroke $23,000.
• UNC - Greensboro $105,000.
• UNC Chapel Hill $34,000.
• UNC- Charlotte Foundation $90,000.
• UNC- Wilmington $66,000.
• Western Carolina Foundation $110,000.
• Winston Salem  State University $25,000.
• Winston Salem State University Foundation $25,000.
REMEMBER this is not a complete list!!
Add to that the tens of thousands of dollars contributed by General Contractors, dry wall, electric, a/c, and fence contractors and you get a picture of a bond that might be passed by those with a special interest in it passing. Does it appear the bond was in the best interest of the people of North Carolina or in the crony capitalists that supported it? Did our Government pass this Bond for the good of people or to help their cronies and therefore their re-election in a bi-partisan manner? Should our publically funded institutions be allowed to use tax payer funds for self interest legislation/ bonds?
Bill Moore,
Kure Beach, NC


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