Senior Citizens Will Not Be Able To Pay Higher Rates

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 13 April 2016 04:00

Editor, Mayor, Council, Taxpayers,
For Information, with our Town only 3 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide that has many, many Senior Citizens on fixed incomes and meager Social Security income, anyone using even half good sense would not even be thinking about borrowing $57.8 million dollars to do the amount of projects all at one time that this or any Council is looking to do that will raise water, sewer and storm water fees for the next 5 years to a point that Senior Citizens will not be able to pay.
Have all on Council completely lost their minds? Our infrastructure repair and replacement can be spread out over a longer period and a better means of  procuring money can be found.
With this poorly thought out plan, maybe all on Council and our Manager should resign before you completely ruin our Town coming up with these hair brained ideas of spending money. Had your plans been known before our last election none of you would have been reelected. The Editor at the Gazette must be the only one in C.B. that is thinking of a mess this Council and Manager is proposing to force all property owners into with their high dollar borrowing and proposed spending on infrastructure improvements that do not all need attention at once. (Read Wills opinion pg. 2 April 6th 2016 and if you agree please show your displeasure to our non-thinking Council.)  Last year it was unneeded bicycle paths through woods and replacement of vehicles that had not reached the end of their life and were still very much operational yet Council and our Manager came up with a plan to buy more. This crowd built themselves (without our consent) a new building on land that is still needed for parking at Town Hall and neglected to find and buy needed land for a needed landfill and Operations Center. Our new boardwalk extension absolutely was not a necessity and the money that was used to meet this grant could have been used on necessities.
This plan our Manager and Council are now looking at tells me they are not thinking because the amount of projects they are proposing does not need to occur at the same time. Seems to me this Council needs to be recalled or brought under control. If for no other reason, Senior Citizens cannot afford all that Council wants to dump on our plates at one time.
Once these fees are raised only an idiot would believe that they will be taken away. In addition to this Councils increases we are also to have a  County tax increase to throw into this mix.
Mayor and Council, find a way to spread the cost of your improvements to lessen the cost to property owners or do not do them. Leave them undone until we can elect someone with more thought than is being displayed here.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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