Don't Expel Him To Wrightsville Beach or Elsewhere...

By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 07 June 2016 04:00

Dear Editor,
A letter in this past Island Gazette helped peak my interest on the subject, who I know. As a result I went on the Internet, got his resume and spoke to several knowledgeable people to confirm what was going on with Tony Silvagni. Seems it's a complicated issue regarding brick & mortar ownership, ordinances, and some other successful competitors of Tony's.
In an age when gorillas are more important then children, bathrooms are problematic, beach infrastructure/renourishment/taxes/helicopters vis-a-vis, gazebo & lake noise, are far reaching issues, why are we getting our bowels in an uproar about Tony Silvagni?
Rather than flipping the bird to Tony, Council, Commissioners or competitive businesses, let's try to mitigate the situation and assuage any fears from whatever sources are promoting the demeaning of "The Tony Issue".
We are all supposed to be focused upon our residents AND our tourist visitors needs and wants on this very special resort island. The Mayor's personal connections are not as important as the people who enjoy Helicopter rides. The hundreds of children and adults that all three surfboard vendors provide are more important than who owns what real estate or the clarity of past ordinances. Aren't renters important too? Don't we make exceptions for itinerant traders doing business here? Should we close absentee owners businesses here because they take their money out of town even when they satisfy an unfilled local need?
Please remember Silvagni's world-wide recognition, awards like USA Team Gold Medals, 4th-5th world ranking, a lifetime local student & adult (Ashley GPA 3.9, Cape Fear CC GPA 3.66, UNCW BA in Business Marketing GPA 3.45), and a successful businessman.
That is not a record to denigrate his business but rather to recognize we (CB) accrue immense benefits from Tony's longboard recognition. Just ask the kids, the media, the surfing associations, and adults this local icon draws and teaches. We don't want to expel him to Wrightsville Beach or elsewhere.
Joe Coen,
Kure Beach, NC


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