For Your Consideration: Sore Losers Start Three Months Early

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 24 August 2016 04:00

Dear Editor,
In the Gazette on August 10th, Mr. Allo whined that media and Party officials oppose the candidate he favors.  His candidate was happy when media attention to outrageous statements boosted the candidate’s campaign for the Party’s nomination.  Now that such attention seems to damage the candidate’s chances in the general election, Mr. Allo and his candidate complain.  Well, boo-hoo-hoo.  Party officials would be more supportive of a candidate that supported them and didn’t endanger their own election prospects.
Mr. Allo goes on to predict that the election will be stolen through voter fraud.  His only evidence for past voter fraud is “… many have contested that assumption” (that voter fraud is not significant.)  Please tell us, Mr. Allo, how many people have been convicted of vote fraud in North Carolina in the last 20 years?  How many have even been indicted?  How do those numbers compare to the number of votes cast?  The ratio is very, very small, isn’t it?
Most sore losers wait until their losses are official to moan about the unfairness of life.  This year, the sore losers are starting three months early.
Jeffrey Tarvin
Carolina Beach


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