Appreciation Of The Operations Department For Addressing Flooding

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 19 October 2016 04:00

Dear Editor,
I live around the lake, and have lived there permanently for the last 9 years.  In this time I have experienced flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes.
I am currently a member of the Operations Advisory Committee and work closely with Gil Dubois, Director of Operations, Brian Stanberry, Public Works Director, and their management and their staff people to improve the operation of the Town's infrastructure; including water distribution, wastewater treatment, infrastructure maintenance and storm water management.  The membership on this committee affords me the opportunity to see firsthand the concern the department has for the citizens of Carolina Beach.  They are dedicated to fulfill their responsibilities in a professional and timely manner for all of us.
The department is executing a plan to mitigate the effects of flooding from major rainfall events.  I am familiar with these plans which include projects focused on mitigating flooding due to storm water accumulation in the lake.  Two recently implemented projects made significant contributions to mitigate flooding due to the rainfall from hurricane Matthew.
First, the pump house on the south side of the lake has had two pumps, but only one pipe line for use to drain the lake.  Operations installed a second pipe line from the pump house, and connected it to the second pump.  Now the lake drains over four times faster than it used to.
Second, Operations installed a new pipe line under Lake Park Blvd.  This new pipe line allows the Town to begin pumping the lake down much earlier.  In the past, the Town could not begin pumping in this direction until the lake had overflowed onto Lake Park Blvd.  That has changed.
The forecast was for 10 inches of rain through Sunday, with most of it falling Friday night into Saturday.  This number was significant considering we had already seen over 5 inches of rain in the past two weeks; nearly double the average of 3.13 inches,  Adding 10 more inches of rain to our Town; when the ground was most certainly saturated from the previous two week's rain; could only result in flooding at the lake.
But, flooding at the lake did not happen.  Why?  Because the Operations Department has been proactive and aggressive implementing projects to mitigate flooding.  From this storm, the above two projects were major contributors to our positive results.
There is more to come soon to further reduce flooding at the lake.  There is a project to dredge the lake to increase the amount of water the lake can hold.
All of the above projects allow the Town to react quicker than was possible before.
I, for one, offer gratitude to, and appreciation of, the Operations Department's leadership in improving the operation of the Town's total infrastructure facilities.  They have made, and will continue to make our Town a safer and much more appealing place to live.
Ronald Bond,
Carolina Beach, NC


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