Polls Aren't Rigged By Estabishment

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 02 November 2016 04:00

To the Editor: In his “For your consideration” column on October 26th, Mr. Allo makes a pitiful attempt to reconcile himself to the coming defeat of his candidate for president.  His candidate received less than half of the votes in the Republican primaries, but more than half the delegates.  The candidate has received massive amounts of free publicity, more than any other candidate, ever.  Yet Mr. Allo spouts unfounded conspiracy theories about the establishment rigging the system against him.  In fact, his candidate has had the system rigged for him for his whole life.  But he will lose the election anyway. Mr. Allo’s candidate might have had a chance if he had performed well in the debates.  But in each debate, the candidate took his opponent’s bait, even though he must have known he would be baited.  At the end of each debate he was blubbering things like, “not a puppet, not a puppet” or “nasty woman.”  It wouldn’t take Putin a month to goad Mr. Allo’s candidate into doing something really stupid. No, Mr. Allo, the polls aren’t rigged by “the establishment” and there won’t be massive vote fraud.  The electorate will choose a deeply flawed candidate, because Mr. Allo’s candidate is far more deeply flawed.
Jeffrey Tarvin
Carolina Beach


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