Dogs On The Beach

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 29 March 2017 04:00

Dear Editor,
I attended the Carolina Beach Town Council meeting Tuesday March 14th specifically for the "dogs on the beach issue". There are several points I think should be brought to the general public’s attention. First, Councilman Steve Shuttleworth admits he “walks” his dog on the beach whenever as well as lets the dog run without a leash… so much for a town councilman obeying existing town ordinances. Second, Mayor Wilcox and Councilwomen Pierce admit the problem is enforcement, so, through some arrogant logic, if you change the ordinance and let the dogs on the beach all year long, and then put up a posting to hire an enforcement "officer" (reporting into Parks and Recreation, not the Police Department) will solve the real problem – dogs on the beach (and boardwalk) when they are not supposed to be there. Why would TOCB Council vote to change an ordinance that currently has no present credible enforcement for?  
Council members Bridges and Doetsch actually asked that question and in addition, both suggested enforcing the current ordnance for a year before changing it. In the public hearing portion of the "discussion", NOT ONE citizen spoke in favor increasing the amount of time dogs should be allowed on the beach …not one! Yet 3 members of Council, Wilcox, Pierce and Shuttleworth think it is a good idea to change the ordinance. Really? To add insult, these 3 council members, vote to change the ordinance, and then direct the Town Manager to come up with the appropriate fine structure.
Again, really?
So let’s get this straight; change the ordinance, then search for an “enforcement” officer, then develop the fine structure.
It seems to me there is some invisible force to change the ordinance without any thought given to what the enforcement would be and how it would actually get done. It seems the voice of the people was ignored.
Bill Baum,
Carolina Beach, NC


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