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I was authorized by the Executive Board of the Coastal Carolina Accountability Project to take a public stance against NC House Bill 574. Our major concerns are the ability of Counties to develop the necessary regulations to protect the citizens. Though this Bill returns a great deal of power to the Counties, there are several issues related to that bill that cause us concern. First, County Commissioners could be blinded by the large increase of taxes that would come from a windmill farm. It comes with no additional infrastructure costs. Most windmills run with a minimal staff. There would be no significant additional burden to the school districts nor the Public utilities etc.  Do you really believe the Commissioners are informed enough to consider the cost of such projects on Tourism, Agriculture and the clean up when the windmills reach their normal life cycle and must be decommissioned? Or will they just see a new stream of revenue? Secondly, often the Commissioners of one county make a decision that effects other counties. For example, windmills in one area could affect the training for military bases in other counties.
Especially when it is training pilots. Lack of training areas could cause the military to shift the home bases of these aircraft. That would lessen the military benefit from that base moving it higher on the list for potential foreclosure. Reduced aircraft and/or Base foreclosure would have a great negative economic benefit on the area and the State as a whole.
The purpose of the State government is to look out for the citizens and settle disputes between counties.
A great deal of the overall issues would not be apparent to Commissioners who see a relative painless permanent source of new revenue. In this case, having State regulations on setbacks, decommissioning and other similar minimum standards still allow Counties to add additional control items as they see fit. More importantly, it sets minimum standards that protect citizens from any long term effects of such decisions.
Let me say in closing, CCAP is not anti Alternative Energy.
We support any alternative energy source that positively effects the economic welfare of its citizens.
But we will oppose any program that that adds additional needless costs to the consumers and could have a negative impact on the "Military Friendly" Status of North Carolina. The Military provides billions to our overall economy.
That potential loss would be devastating to the counties surrounding those Bases and to the State as a whole.
Please join me in contacting our State Representatives asking them not to pass this bill until it has major revisions.
Bill Moore,
Kure Beach


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