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The natural reflex when caught in the ocean rip current is to swim to shore.  Having been at the beach most of my life, I know the way to get out of the rip current.  Even knowing the correct way, when it happened to me twice, I tried to swim as hard as I could to shore.  You could drown like that.  
In life, even with the education and knowledge about the sea, I’m continuing to try to swim to shore.  
God will help you get out of rip current.  He is telling you to swim around and that will get you out of the bad currents, if you’ll just trust him.  
Why is it our mind instinctively takes off one direction in spite of a known better choice.  In life’s rip current, I will call out for God, and I will hold out my hands for a friend.  That is what we have to do to get through the rip currents.  We must all help each other.
Don’t try to swim to shore by yourself. There is a better choice. Blessed are those whose strength is in God.


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