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This is my fourth article for the Island Gazette.  The three articles are “A Storm Is Coming,” Apple, Monkey And Train,” and  “Swimming In A Rip Current.”   
The purpose of these articles is the hope that it could be beneficial to someone.  If one person is helped from something I’ve said or say, then it would be a blessing.
For me Frances Regan, in South Carolina, is my inspiration.  Many of you will remember her as the Kure Beach Chairperson for the Community Center.  Days before my husband, Kenneth Withrow’s Memorial, Frances called me crying.  She sobbed she couldn’t come.  She was in a South Carolina hospital and her daughter was dying.  God, please help me understand how she could reach out to me when this was happening in her life.  
Her daughter was taken off the respirator, and she died days after that.  I really wish it was possible for me to be with her to give her comfort.
For days and weeks before my husband’s Memorial, God unfolded inspirational stories both sad and joyful.  
I asked God what I am to learn from this, and my eyes were opened.
At the Visitation, a dear friend struggled to walk to the room in St Andrews Mortuary.  He had had a blood transfusion that day, and he was determined to honor Ken by attending Ken’s Visitation.  Frances Regan and that man are hero’s.  God bless them.  They are inspirational.  
I could write pages and pages about the hero’s who are stepping forth everywhere today.  The are like angels.
What I have learned, I offer you now.  When you are in your darkest hour, step away from yourself and help others.
You can start healing if only you can step away from yourself.  God loves us and uses us although we are not perfect.


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