House Fire At 1818 Canal Drive

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 07 March 2018 03:05

Dear Editor,
On Monday, 2/26/2018, my disabled son (who lives with me) left my home around 8:10am to take one of our 3 pets to Pleasure Island Animal Hospital for dental surgery. After we left him there, I drove to McDonald's and purchased breakfast to go. We ate breakfast at home in the kitchen. I them performed some household chores. Pet was scheduled to be picked up at 2:00pm. At around 12:30pm, I sat down on the couch, in front of the television. Wanted to catch up on news. At around 1:00pm, I ate 2 cups of yogurt with ice water. I did this on the couch (that was torched) while watching Fox News.
Around 1:20pm, Pleasure Island Animal Hospital called, said pet was clawing cage and could I pick him up earlier. I said certainly. Son and I went by Cape Fear Blvd and left birthday card in mailbox for grandson and arrived at P.A.H. around 1:45pm. Decided to go to WalMart with pet, instead of dropping him off at home. I told my disabled son that he could go in WalMart and purchase a few items, and I would stay in the SUV with the pet. My son went into WalMart and immediately came running toward the SUV yelling "our house is on fire". A friend of his called and told him. We went directly home to 1818 Canal Drive, which took about 30 minutes. Between the time of 1:20pm and 2:00pm, some deranged person went into my home through the garage, upstairs to my living area, and set fire to the end of the sofa that my pets use. I kept a queen size bed pillow with white pillow case on it, for pets to use. I always sat at other end. Sofa pillow I used for my back is not completely burned. There is no evidence of pets pillow as sofa was completely burned up.
CB Fire Dept. and CB Police Dept. confirmed to me that fire started on that end. I've never smoked or allowed anyone to smoke in my house. There were no lit candles. Electrical contractor verified fire was NOT caused by electrical malfunction. I DO NOT have insurance on my house. CBFD & CBPD confirmed ALL doors were locked. In fact all were double locked except door to house in garage.
It was locked but not the dead bolt lock. I had left it (DB) unlocked, as I had planned on dropping off pet first and then going to WalMart. Someone came through that door, set my upstairs part on fire and left the same way. CB Fire Dept. broke in that door, in order to fight fire.
A man has been watching my house 24-7 since 2/15/2018 from the CB Fishing Pier, community parking adjacent to it and A building at the Breakers Condos - across from my house. I DO NOT know if he did this and am not accusing him. Time line is short, person has been in my garage leaving payments for rent in the past. Someone was watching closely.
Thanks to lady at Freeman Park ticket booth, for seeing smoke coming out of my ceiling vents and calling 911.
Thanks to her for telling them there were pets inside the home. Pets were let out, we were reunited and son and I are happy for this.
Thanks to CB Fire Dept. and CB Police Officers and Detectives and CB Building Inspector, for all they did. They saved the 1st floor where the bedrooms are located. However, soot damage is bad! The top floor was 100% destroyed. After 2 nights at Drifter's Reef with disabled son and 3 pets, we are now living in the 1st floor bedroom area. I am so grateful to have part of my home.
Thanks again to everyone of you that helped. Also, if anyone saw anything. Anyone at 1818 Canal Drive between 1:20pm and 2:00pm, please call the CB Police Dept. and report it.
Catching the person who did this will not help me but may save someone else from losing life/home/pets. Your prayers will be appreciated.
June Brown,
Carolina Beach, NC


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