North End Congestion and Freeman Park Debacle

By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 05 June 2018 02:21

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter with respect to the complexities that the current Freeman Park situation revolves around and with the experience of being a past FP Committee Chairman I have some ideas that would help resolve the congestion and drastically reduce the amount vehicles getting stuck at the end of the Hatteras ramp at the entrance of the park.

1.  Please post signs on Canal, CB Ave North, and 421 to please air down the tire pressure before getting to the park entrance. Most of the problems arise from too much air pressure.  Now I realize that not all vehicles are the same, but I do believe this will decrease that situation. You could even put them up on CB road and up on the electronic billboards.

2.  DO NOT ALLOW ALL WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES.  They get stuck all the time.  It's simple just when registering for a pass put it the form that all wheel drive vehicles are not permitted.

3./4.  Set up a staging station at the Federal Point Shopping Center as a preliminary check point.  Here the driver can be educated on what's expected and what's needed.  They can air down there, double check the 4 wheel drive to make sure its operating at the station, and not out on the beach.  They can purchase a sticker there as well and we could put an air station where they could come back to air up.  The other part of this would be similar to what they do at Chick Fillet.  The drive thru is so busy they have associates out in the line, actually taking orders before you even get to the kiosk.  Well we could have some people walking down Canal checking in with the drivers to make sure their equipment is up and running and remind them to air down, etc.

5.  As part of getting a pass you can add other safety measures that would include; having to have a some type of garbage bag, first aide kits, a fire extinguisher, a tire pressure gauge, a tow rope or chains, and even possibly a small air compressor, etc.  These items again could all be checked at the station at the shopping center.
What these ideas provide; is the decrease of traffic congestion for the north end residents, a smoother flow at the park entrance, decrease in frustrations and tempers at the end of the Hatteras ramp, bring out what you bring in ( garbage ), and increased safety.  It helps continue to thin out the people who don't care about the beach as a whole, because if you are prepared to get your vehicle up to the standards that could possibly be set, then I do believe that person has a much better desire to protect the beach as much as possible.

Some of these ideas are simple and some would take some actual desire to fix the problems.  Some might find these drastic as well, but let's face it.  Its a disaster up there.  Its not working so lets do something different instead of talking about it.  A Facebook friend of mine told me that the last Freeman Park committee meeting mostly focused on garbage.  Really that's the focus?  There are tons of garbage pals and dumpsters out there.  What else can you do other than educate and start putting in some inspection processes like mentioned above to maintain as much sanitation as possible.  I mean this committee has been in force since the early 2000's and they still haven't figured out the garbage, meanwhile its a traffic disaster in every which way.  Its time to take serious action.

How about setting up more or getting more youth volunteers that need volunteer time for school to do beach sweeps like the Turtle People do for Turtle nests. The town rakes in 100,000's of dollars from this park.  Its time to use some of the money to start to looking at the above mentioned, SERIOUSLY.  By initiating some of these ideas it will also help with Police presence, because again, you will have more people that are already compliant as opposed to the disaster that it is now.  Some will say, well this is really gonna upset people, well I got bad news bro!  People are already upset because there is such a lack of action towards resolution. 

Enact  rules and procedures that will help the park flow and stop tip towing around the problems.  That's what people are upset about.  Stop the nonsense of meetings to make everyone feel better about themselves and get the town manager to put a plan in place like the above mentioned and be done with it. 

This letter was also sent to all of the Town Council Members. Standard Operating Procedure will be to refer it to the Freeman Park Committee.  Well break the procedure because the procedure is already broken.  Fix it,  get your hands dirty, get in there and fix it.  The council has had to hear every idea on the planet by now, for the Love of God, get in there and fix it. And if we hear about another workshop, peoples heads are going explode. 

Its a disaster up there, its time to put in serious measures to render it a happy successful experience.

Bobby McConville
Carolina Beach, NC


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