Predatory parking practices used as a revenue generator...

By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 26 June 2018 16:08

To the editor:
Thank you for your editorial, "Expanding parking enforcement hours bad for business" in the June 13th, edition of the Gazette. Let me add my voice to the discussion.
I am a non-resident who lives "just north of the cut". I enjoy Carolina Beach, and spend a lot of time and money there. I purchase a parking decal for each of my cars because it is convenient, and I believe saves me money in the long run. Not anymore!
In response to the 100% increase in the fee, I will only purchase one decal next year. In addition, the $75 increase in the cost of the one decal, will be $75 not going to a local Carolina Beach business.
Why such a response? I would not have minded a reasonable cost increase to help maintain the meters and cost of enforcement. I can't believe these costs have gone up 100%? I have lived in an area where predatory parking practices were used as a revenue generator, only to see downtown business languish and ultimately fail because of concerns about "feeding the meter".
While parking needs to be controlled, it should also be visitor friendly, and encourage people to want to come and enjoy their stay and support the local economy. I can only imagine the wonderful feeling folks will have when they come for the fireworks, rides and dinner, only to return to their car and find a meter violation ticket on their car. Now that is visitor friendly?
Good luck Carolina Beach on your short sighted approach to supporting the local economy. In my case it was a net loss in revenue for you.
George Eckenrode


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