Carolina Beach Praised in Recent Podcast

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 15 August 2018 14:36

Dear Editor,
Carolina Beach recently got a shout out from Surfrider Foundation’s CEO, Chad Nelson. At the twenty-nine minute mark of episode #120 of the Kyle Thiermann Show, Chad Nelson praises Carolina Beach for being the first town to have written a proposal explicitly stating their opposition to offshore drilling. Although it was Kure Beach that passed this type of resolution first, it reminds us of the fact that local opinion is important. They go on to discuss how Wilmington, actually New Hanover county, followed our lead and passed a similar resolution: many other coastal towns and cities up and down the coast then did the same. This discussion was all within the broader conversation of ways states can stand up to the federal government should their opinions on an issue differ. Offshore drilling is the perfect example: a minority (and likely non-coastal group of people) stand to benefit while those near the resource stand to gain nothing and potentially lose a lot.
The minority in this case has a loud voice due to the money they are able to funnel into lobbying. It becomes all too easy for our public representatives to back the side of the issue that also supports their campaign financially.
A way to combat this? One way is to simply say what we think as a community. It becomes much more difficult for big government to go through with actions that towns and cities have explicitly stated they oppose.
We must know what we want as a community first. In cases when we are sure we do let’s make sure we repeat what we did with offshore drilling.
A.J. Prill


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