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This is a business persons commentary on how our tourist and residential island could be even better than we currently enjoy. My perspective comes from a 24-year ownership of an ice cream parlor and gift shop in addition to a primary home residence for all those years. Customers share their good & bad feelings.
Squigley’s ®, in spite of new competition, enjoyed a good season. It would have been great were it not for 2018 record rainfall; Gen X headlines preventing some 2017-2018 customers from returning without mention that we get water from purer sources; 2017 tourist season multiple road repaving also depressing some from returning with promises of more construction in 2019; continued dredging on “Lake Algae Farm” scheduled for next year blocking the walkway, depressing the paddle boat activity in addition to the smell. Customers asked, “Why can’t they schedule (some of) this (necessary) disruption into winter”?
Obviously, we cannot control Mother Nature’s rain whenever she has a raging once in a century fit! Customers do wonder why our leaders cannot write contracts with more forethought on scheduling, one describing it as “the mother of idiots is always pregnant”.
My response was we have good people in leadership positions and some contractors are already scheduled over the winter.  Their answer was ‘why not CB’? I had no answer to that question except, “Why can’t we find other contractors who will do that for us”?
Visitors love our island, its restaurants, beaches, boardwalk, amusements, homes, people, fishing, accommodations, and aspire to live here but they, like most of us, believe we could do some things better.
In 2019 we are facing new decisions on some of the things mentioned, like where to put the dredged material. We also either need to buy sacred scarab beetles to push the balls of Canadian Geese dung away or invite poop eating (coprophagic) dogs to prevent every being on 2 or 4 legs from dodging the excrement of 24 geese including bikes, skateboards, baby carriages and runners. This also impacts the cleaning of paws, tires, and shoes before it gets on Mom’s floors. If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy! Call ICE, deport those critters. Leave the ducks alone, they know where to poop. One more issue.
 If we make the mistake of inviting food trucks lacking island brick and mortar next year, soliciting directly to (sans media advertising) customers walking on trafficked streets, double or illegal parking, increasing congestion, running motors adding pollution all day, using our public trash receptacle’s and taking income not to be spent on the island, we will turn this idyllic island into an urban jungle.
That’s my epistle for 2018-2019 except to thank you for coming, referring others, and for your loyalty to island businesses. Squigley’s spends close to 20K in social media, local and NC advertising in addition to brochures, out of state tourist cities frequenting the island, and donations to sponsors of fundraising on the island.  We all love it here, appreciate our leaders and celebrate the loss of (lesser) decades ago leaders acting like emotionally unstable toddlers; pint sized dictators with an uncanny ability to know how far to push us to near insanity before reverting to loveable creature’s…. upon retirement!
Joe Coen,
Kure Beach, NC homeowner. Carolina Beach, NC business owner.  


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