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Dear Editor,
Thanks for your detailed account of Congressman Rouzer’s speech to the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce on August 20.   I found it appalling that Mr. Rouzer blamed Social Security and Medicare funding for the difficulty in finding long-term beach renourishment funds.  (He said that funds for the next 3-4 years are secured.)  He bemoaned that his hands are tied because so much of the federal budget goes to these programs that are classified as “entitlements,” and therefore he and other Congresspeople can’t deplete them for other projects.  
I’m very glad that the lawmakers who first developed Social Security and Medicare had the foresight to make them entitlements, so that future governing bodies couldn’t rob ordinary working people of at least a small measure of dignity in later years.  It’s clear that Mr. Rouzer and others are trying to find ways to do just that.
Everybody who’s lucky enough to live a long time gets old, so Social Security is a win-win for every American.  You pay when you’re young and you collect when you’re old.  Same with Medicare.  Especially as pensions become a thing of the past, and retirement accounts for everyone except the very rich can’t possibly provide for a decent retirement income, these programs are even more essential and need to be strengthened, not threatened.  Perhaps we might look to the huge corporate tax cuts that robbed the federal treasury of precious dollars coming in and raised the national debt that must be paid out, as a more reasonable concern for shrinking dollars needed to protect our environment, safety, and well-being.  
Let’s send Dr. Kyle Horton to Congress in this fall’s election to stand up for all of us, not leave the oldest and most vulnerable among us out in the cold as Mr. Rouzer advocates.
Joanne Durham,
Kure Beach, NC


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